trxTyron started his fitness career after graduating from Northeastern State University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance. Since that time, he has created countless challenging workouts and built as many lasting, quality relationships that motivate people to change. And that change is what motivates Tyron. “It’s my passion. It’s what I do.”

trainingTyron’s philosophy is an accumulative manifestation of lessons learned, experiences, accomplishments and failures of working in the fitness industry, he says. “Taylor Made Fitness is not just a name, a career, a job or a service provided.  It’s who I am…”

Overall, he is grounded in the basics, focusing on the principals of exercise and balance in every aspect of life. It’s about looking at how you are feeling TODAY, right now. It’s about looking at how you slept last night, last week; what’s going on in your life; what have you eaten today; and what makes you push yourself farther than you ever thought you could? Fitness is all of those things  rolled together and that is the puzzle he likes to put together as he finds the key to motivate you. And Tyron has found success “right there in the middle.” class1It’s a close knit group of people, Tyron says of the classes he teaches. “You get to know them real well. You find the commonalities.”

In his personal training, he likes to set small goals and work up to the final goal. Each session has elements of physical work, mental work, focus on nutrition, and the “fun factor.” People come to him with different ideas of how they are going to achieve their fitness goals. Some of their ideas match his ideas, some don’t. And that’s where Tyron can perform his magic. “I give them a little bit of what they want, a little bit of what they need.”

If you’d like to visit with Tyron about how he might be able to help you start your own fitness journey, or take the next step to be that athlete you always knew you could be, call today and set an appointment with him. It could be your first step to a new you!